Ultimate Cleaning Tips Part 1 -Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

Streak free windows and mirrors are beautiful, but hard to come by.  As someone in the business of cleaning homes, I’ve tried everything that I could think of to get a streak free shine.  If you’re like me, what usually happens is that you try a product and it looks like it works great – that is until you go back some time later.  The sun has moved and now the smears and streaks are all over.  The glass actually looks worse than before.  You try again and use more elbow grease to no avail.  The only thing that makes them look good is when the sun goes down.  Then they look great again – until the sun comes up tomorrow.

How To Streak Free Windows and Mirrors


I’ve tried the big name products, like Windex.  They didn’t work for me.  I even tried the streak-free version.  It wasn’t streak free on mirrors, glass tables, or mirrors.  I thought it was the cloths.  I tried terry clothes, microfiber cloths, and even cloths made for washing cars.  Certainly these would be made for a clean shine, but I still saw the streaks.  Windex came out with a product that could be applied to windows and hosed off.  As the window dried by itself the streak free shine would come through.  This wasn’t the case for me.  I had horrible streaks appearing every day at sunset.  I tried again and again, but it just didn’t work for me.
Someone gave the advice of using a mixture of white vinegar, a product I love, and water.   They told me to spray it on and wipe it off with newspaper, instead of a cloth.  I was confident that this was the solution I was looking for.  Unfortunately, I found that I wasn’t coordinated enough to make it work.  When the newspaper got too damp, it would start to tear and fall apart.  It also does not exactly wipe smoothly like a cloth or even a paper towel.  I didn’t wear gloves and my hands were becoming black because of the newsprint.  I tried this option a few times, including using it on my own home, thinking that I could get better with practice.  However, the result was the same – streaky windows (and this time hands covered in newsprint).

At this point I started buying everything I could to find the answer.  Nothing worked and I thought that I might never find the answer to my problem.  I was like a dog that wouldn’t let go of him bone.  I had to know the answer to streak free shines.
Then one day, the answer almost hit me in the face, literally.  I was walking on the sidewalk, lost in my thoughts when I came upon a ladder.  It didn’t occur to me until the last moment that I was going to walk directly into it.  Fortunately, I stopped short and looked up.  A professional window washer stood there on the ladder,  bracing for what he though was going to be a fall.  Eureka!  This was the guy to ask.  I wanted to know what was his secret to beautiful windows and streak free glass.  He looked at me and said one word – ‘water’.  I didn’t believe him.  I asked what was in his spray bottle.  Again, he said, “water”.  Hmmm, I thought.  There must be something to this.  I asked what he would recommend for home cleaning of windows, mirrors and glass furniture.  Not surprisingly, he gave me the same response.
The next time I was cleaning I filled a clean, empty spray bottle with water and started to spray the inside of my windows wiped down the inside of my windows and the bathroom mirrors.  I have to say that they were a lot better. But, they were not perfect yet.  I knew that there was something I was missing.

clean window
After many false starts I found the final solution to my problem.  It was that I needed to use a cloth that was 100% cotton.  None of the rags or cloths that I’d purchased worked well.  So, I went to the fabric store and purchased 100% cotton, white cloth off of the bolt of fabric that they had.  I purchased a yard and cut the fabric up into manageable sizes for my purpose.
The combination of straight water and cotton fabric has been the solution.  It seems that in this case, the simplest solution is the correct one.  How easy can it get?  Well, it seems easy now that the trial and error portion is over.
I use this for my windows, mirrors and glass furniture.  There is no more worry about what it is going to look like when the sun sets.  I don’t have to throw up my hands in frustration whenever I look at my glass table from a different angle.  This is the best solution that I’ve found.



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