Sebo’s Pet Vacuuming Specialist for allergy sufferers—the Felix

Pet owners diagnosed with allergies usually have a difficult time coping-up with their daily, cleaning requirements. This is mainly because pet allergies don’t need a substantial amount of the animal fur to induce an allergic reaction. The proteins embedded within the smallest traces of hair, urine drops or saliva of an animal can kick start the allergic reaction. It is often seen that vacuuming pet-hair is not convincing using the conventional vacuum cleaners. Hence, repeated, follow-up cleaning becomes necessary. A specialist, pet-centric, vacuum cleaner has been introduced to address such vacuuming demands in the form of the Sebo Felix.

Removing Pet-hair gets easier with Felix


The upright Felix canister incorporates some noteworthy specs to ensure that the smallest of pet-hair strands is sucked-away. To ensure more comprehensive vacuuming, there is a slightly, edged parquet floor-brush. The extra groove along the brushing surface helps to establish better contact with the miniscule bits of hair hidden in crevices of smoother, lustrous surfaces like laminated floors. To ensure that the bare-floor cleaning is as good as carpet-cleaning, the bristles are slightly denser than the norm, ensuring better vacuuming capability. The filtration is at par with most competitors in this niche. The filtration system effortlessly meets the HEPA benchmarks, making the Felix more suited for those with allergies.

Important for those with pet-induced allergies


The makers of Felix seem to have understood the pet-allergy issue more than most vacuum makers. As a result, a handheld brush with turbo power option is a part of the standard accessories. This is a sensible addition since strands of pet hair tend to float around the house and settle on nearby surfaces like sofa cushions. This rotating brush is easy-to-handle and ideally suited for removing pet-hair from upholstery-like surfaces. To ensure that the carpeted surface can be accessed from the maximum-possible angles for better vacuuming, four adjustable options have been provided along the power-head. Similarly, there is a dust-brush for accessing corners of more fragile items like the undersurface of showpiece items. There is an added 9-foot hose for further extending the reach of the standard, 20-inch tube.

Does the Felix deliver beyond the pet-hair perspective?

This is an important question for those who might be tempted to think that vacuuming devices dedicated to the cause of handling pet-hair might compromise upon other vacuuming requirements. However, the Felix does not disappoint in this regard. In fact, it offers more that what most people would expect in the form of greater, ease-of-handling. The telescopic handle is easy to maneuver around the edges of carpets and the grumpy carpet seams. The Felix offers the ease of detaching the suction unit with two simple steps. Once detached, the remaining elements form a lightweight vacuum for handheld cleaning demands. In this format, the Felix can be used for vacuuming the upholstery of cars. The suction power controls are located along the handle in an easy-to-access manner, offering one-button switching options.

The Verdict

Unlike most other vacuums, the Sebo Felix is intended at a particular segment of the vacuuming marketplace. Yes, the Felix might be the perfect vacuuming option for chronic, allergy-sufferers but it does seem like a worthy all-rounder, capable of taking care of most household, vacuuming demands. Though it doesn’t pretend to be an all-terrain vacuuming solution, the Felix does have the potential to clean-up most kinds of household surfaces. The ease of maneuverability further ensures that the Felix can be used besides the pet-hair vacuuming requirements too.

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