Eureka’s Altima™ 2996AVZ – Best Price, Best Buy?

Priced at just over $100, Eureka’s top-of-the-line, family vacuum cleaner makes it difficult to even consider other brands, which can cost up to double the price. On top of that, this luxury liner has a number of different gadgets and gizmos that are extremely appealing, to pet-owners, homeowners, apartment owners, and in case that does
not cover you, well, then you too.


Weighing under 21 pounds allows for convenient and easy maneuverability, especially for a 12-amp vacuum, the Altima™ 2996AZ comes with a bagless canister, HEPA filter, and even the Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™, a device that promises to make cleaning pet hair, dirt, and dust from upholstery extremely easy. It even comes with a special duster. The duster is even self-cleaning.

Sounds perfect on paper, does it not? Unfortunately, this vacuum has been poorly reviewed by almost everyone out there, culling venom and invectives from normally benign homeowners, pet-owners, and family-people alike. These consumers complain that the suction is shabby, for one. Additionally, some consumers report that the belts tend to overheat after even short uses, causing rooms to fill with a burning smell and that filters require replacement too often.

Eureka Altima
Eureka’s Altima

Moreover, the vacuum does not work at all well on wood floors, a supposed selling point that Eureka claims. Even the self-cleaning duster is difficult to use because the suction is too small. It ends up doing almost as much harm as it does good, users say, chasing dust bunnies into corners like some technological reincarnation of Elmer Fudd. OK, that last part was mine.

To be perfectly honest, after reading the material that is out there, I would urge caution before deciding to purchase this model. The price and gadgets make it appealing, but judging from the majority of consumers, it is a purchase one is likely to regret.

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