Kenmore’s Ebony Canister Vacuum

The Ebony Canister Vacuum is marketed as a powerful multi-surface floor cleaner and retails for $359.99.

This Kenmore vacuum cleaner is lightweight and even more powerful than advertised. It is effective on all surfaces including linoleum, tile, hardwood, and area rugs in addition to your carpet. Kenmore also asserts that this cleaner is excellent on furniture and the attachments do not disappoint. The Pet Powermate, which is specially designed to remove pet hair from living room furniture, is great in particular.

Kenmore’s Ebony Canister Vacuum

While the product does exactly what Kenmore says it will – in fact it does the job very well – it is not without its functional flaws. Far and away the biggest issue with the Ebony Canister Vacuum is that it lets out a high pitched squeal when it is in use. While one can hardly expect their vacuum cleaner to be silent, the sound emitted by this product is unbelievably loud. So loud, in fact, that just a 5 minute run through the living room can leave the user with a ringing in their ears.

The upright storage feature that allows the vacuum to be stored conveniently and compactly refuses to remain upright, making it a bit of a pain to store in a small area. Also, the lid to the attachment compartment rarely stays closed, making it tough to maneuver throughout the house without having the stored attachments spill onto the floor. Furthermore, the extra long hose (which is meant to be one of the product’s positives), results in the canister lagging far behind as the user goes through their house and causes difficulty getting around corners without bumping the wall or furniture.

If you’re looking for an effective, powerful, lightweight vacuum then the Kenmore Ebony Canister is an excellent choice as long as you can put up with its annoying quirks.

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