How does the DC25 stack up against Bissell’s Healthy Home™?

When it comes to state-of-the-art, truly impressive technological emphasis, Dyson stands head-and-shoulders above the competition. However, comparing the DC25, Dyson’s top-of-the-line, family-size vacuum to Bissell’s Healthy Home Vacuum™ reminds me of the last time I went to the grocery store for some Nyquil. Once I compared the generic tabs to the brand name, I thought it would be silly for anyone to pay twice as much for the same thing but with better packaging.


That is not to say choosing the Bissell over the DC25 would be just as easy. These two vacuums may share many core similarities, such as hepa filters for indoor allergens, multi-cyclonic cleaning systems, and bagless receptacles, but looks aren’t the only difference either. If I were driving my cold-and-flu pills around the house in their packaging every week, I might reconsider the name brand.

The most significant difference, in terms of sheer performance, comes in maneuverability. Not only does the 12-amp Bissell weigh 26 pounds, roughly 10 pounds more than the Dyson, new Ball™ technology gives the DC25 the uncanny ability to turn easily around corners, furniture, prams, and whatever might be lying around the home. I don’t exaggerate the difference between the two vacuums when I write, using the DC25 will give you the Stepford exhilaration of making a tough job look easy, where the Bissell grants no such boon.


Reducing the comparison to results, on the other hand, throws the Bissell out in front by a considerable margin. The vacuum really does cost about half as much, and it will get the job done. One may not feel like a superhero when cleaning house, but then again, managing to save an extra car payment, especially when Dyson makes it so difficult to be frugal, might achieve the same effect.

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