Best Vacuum for Hard Wood Floors

If there’s one thing we want is a lustrous look on our hardwood floors. These surfaces look fantastic! We want to keep it that way. A great tool in this task will be selecting the best vacuum.The hardwood floors highlight the furnishings in ways that carpets cannot. They’re fairly easy to clean, unlike carpets which can get stained and require a unique cleaning. Odors can seep into carpets and be difficult to remove. Now you’re in need of the best vacuum for pet hair and smells. Following a fairly easy cleaning routine can effectively and quickly remove dirt and debris on hardwood. Yet you want a solid hardwood floor cleaner that won’t scratch your floors.

Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

vacuum for hardwood floor

There are plenty of selections. Not all vacuums are engineered to handle hardwood floors so one’s shopping should take that into account. Keep in mind that you need a tool that has the power to deal with dust, the flexibility to pull everything from dirt to pet hair and do so without damaging the floor. Vacuums are generally designed to glide over the top of carpets and pull debris from between fibers. Flat and hard surfaces can give most vacuums problems.Look for casters or wheels that pivot on the best vacuum. These are less likely to scratch the floor finish. There should be the ability to adjust roller bars or switch them off entirely. They can damage hardwood floors too. A lightweight vacuum, or perhaps one of the many small vacuum cleaners, is the better choice as there’s less pressure and weight on the floor.Let’s take a brief look at the types of vacuums that can be applied to hardwood floors and some of the best model types in each situation.

Upright Models

vacuum for hardwood floors

Uprights are self contained models. Uprights cost significantly less but tend to weigh more, requiring a lot more effort to navigate. They often come with stretch hoses for cleaning everything from curtains to ceiling fans and those dusty corners.

Canister Models

A canister vacuum comes with a head attached to a hose. One is only pushing the hose and power head, making maneuverability easy. They’re lightweight so getting around won’t be a problem when getting under furnishings or cleaning staircases. To pick the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors, you should read their review and understand all the specification information about the product you want to choose.

Wet and Dry Vacuums

These vacuums are engineered to deal with liquid spills, promising a cleaner and more sanitized finish than conventional mops or hand towels. If you’re looking for a more thorough cleaning, consider a steam vacuum cleaner.

Bag vs. Bagless

Investing in a good vacuum should be carefully thought out. Bagless vacuums will definitely save money in the long term, but one of these models is going to cost you more to start out with. So your budget should decide which will be the best vacuum for hardwood floors.A few things to consider:Filters and chamber will need frequent cleaning.

As the tech is still relatively young, bagless models do not always clean as well as bagged vacuums. Bagless may not trap dust well, letting it escape in minute amounts. Yet there’s no doubt as the tech grows, they will increase in efficiency while minimizing the need for maintenance.

  • Bagless canister vacuums often take up less space.
  • Uprights are likely to require bags.


Backpack vacuum cleaners would make an excellent solution for cleaning hardwood floors. They’re light, compact and are as mobile as you are. Whatever type vacuum you choose to go with, take care in ensuring you get solid attachments. A hardwood floor vacuum should have the proper surface tools that will help clean and not damage the surface. The right tools include wand attachments and crevice tools that can thoroughly wipe the room’s perimeter in even difficult spaces, especially under and behind furnishings. Cleaning heads should have extremely soft bristles or casters.A floor steam cleaner might not be a bad idea to have in your cleaning arsenal. There are vacuums that handle both cleaning and steaming of these surfaces. Your floors are unique and prized. You definitely want to protect that investment. When selecting the best vacuum for hardwood floors, go with the one that removes dirt, dust and particles with features that won’t scratch the finish.

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